ZX-101XL - Portable Near-Infrared Octane/Cetane Analyzer

Known worldwide for fast and reliable analysis of Gasoline


press measure

insert the sample

turn the sample

results displayed and printed

Turn on the ZX-101XL and press "Measure"

Insert the sample, cover, and press "Measure"

Turn the sample, cover, and press "Measure"

One more zero adjust and get your results

Results in less than 30 seconds!

Responding to the suggestions of our customers, Zeltex, Inc. has introduced the ZX-101XL. Combining the proven track record of our ZX-101 line with the improvements suggested by you, our customers, the ZX-101XL can tell you if you are reading Gasoline or Ethanol Blended Fuels.

    Lab Accurate Results in less than 30 seconds
      Automatic Fuel Detection
        Batter or A/C Operated
          Built in Printer
            Reliable, Solid State Design
              Patented, Proven Technology
                Optional GPS Locator

The ZX-101XL Can be calibrated for:
    Gasoline (Standard)
      Ethanol Blended Fuels (Standard)

convenient briefcase

The convenient and rugged briefcase makes the ZX-101XL the ideal portable analyzer


CLICK HERE to view ZX-101XL Brochure.

The ZX-101XL uses proven technology. Read more.

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