ZX-101RZ - RuggediZed Portable Near-Infrared Octane/Cetane Analyzer & Fuel Tester Kit

From the desert heat to the arctic cold and everywhere in between

Rugged and Easy to Use

Easy to use

Results in 30 seconds

Take it everywhere

Large buttons and easy to read display make it easy to use

Results are displayed in less than 30 seconds

Take it with you wherever you go

Where you need it most, when you need it most!

The ZX-101RZ is specially designed for rugged conditions with a watertight mil spec case and shock mounted components. Ideal for military use, government inspection agencies, service stations and gasoline retailers, blending stations, terminal docks and refineries.

    Lab Accurate Results in less than 30 seconds
      Automatic Fuel Detection
        Stores Data for up to 100 Samples
          Small, Lightweight and Sturdy
            Reliable, Solid State Design
              Patented, Proven Technology
                Optional GPS Locator

The ZX-101RZ Can be calibrated for:
    Gasoline (Standard)
      Ethanol Blended Fuels (Standard)

convenient briefcase

Portable fuel testing allows on-the-spot control and de- cisions that will save time and money - making octane control a reality.


CLICK HERE to view ZX-101RZ Brochure.

The ZX-101RZ uses proven technology. Read more.

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